Why Buy A Remote Golf Trolley?

Why Buy A Remote Golf trolley
If you are anything like me, we have all took the mickey out of friends who turn up firstly with a standard pull along trolley and as the years take their toll (or so you believe) they then progress to an Electric Golf Trolley Ė pathetic. Suddenly they have a Remote Golf trolley and you are questioning how old they really are, were they actually in the same year as you at school because these guys are "finished". Well thatís how I used to think, if you didnít have a carry bag then you were a wimp. What a load of rubbish, how many times have you seen Tiger Woods or any other Tour Pro lugging a Tour Bag around on his shoulder for 18 holes? The answer is never. I know they have their own personal Caddy - but not many of us can afford that.

If you are old school you will believe that the Carry bag keeps you fit and therefore keeps you young, or does it? The fact is that lugging any weight around a golf course thatís strapped to your back or over one shoulder will cause stresses and strains on the body that you just wouldnít see with an electric trolley. The latest information says that using a remote control golf trolley can take between 3-6 shots off your round therefore potentially improving your handicap no end. Add to that less aches and pains you have a great combination that will help you enjoy your golf even on the toughest terrains. Walking a golf course does keep you fit but it doesnít have to be a military style challenge. If you are really in to keeping fit I would suggest that you spend a bit more time in the gym adding cardiovascular exercises into your routines Ė if you fancy that.

A round of Golf should be about enjoyment and the challenge of delivering the type of shots that you see from Tour Proís day in day out. As your overall golf improves then you wouldn't think twice about about investing in a Lob Wedge, so why not get everything on your side so that the only thing that stands between you and improvement is you! For a price of £240.00 or so Iím converted are you?