Pro Buggy TS02 Remote Golf Trolley

Pro Buggy TS02 Remote Golf Trolley

The TS02 Remote Golf Trolley from Pro Buggy delivers a simple well constructed aluminium frame which keeps the overall weight at around 25Kg (including the battery). As with many of the remote trolleys sold in the UK, itís weather resistant and should give good performance on wet or dry days. The Remote control handset has a range of up to 100m and it is still entertaining to see the trolley galloping off to the green on a short Par 3 while you bring up the rear. All the controls from the hand set are duplicated on the neoprene handle so it can be used very much like a standard electric trolley if preferred. Maximum speed is 6km/hour. The eye catching wheels are quick release and the frame collapses easily for storage in any average size car boot. Folded dimensions come in at 800mm x 640mm x 310mm.  

There are 2 x 150 watt motors that deliver power to drive the rear wheels, this compares well with the mid range golf trolleys out there. The battery supplied is a 12V/26AH version which will complete 18 holes when fully charged even on the most difficult terrain, 36 holes is possible depending on the length of the course you are playing. There is also a free wheel function if the battery runs out of juice mid round and the maximum climbing ability is an impressive 35 degrees. The TS02 is therefore very stable on hilly courses especially with the addition of the detachable rear stability wheel. 

Battery charge time is between 5-10 hours so remember to allow enough time for charging the battery before playing a round of golf. The TS02 comes complete with Battery, Battery Charger with quick release connections, User Instructions, Battery Carry Case and a detachable rear stability wheel for hilly courses.

Our view: A well designed mid-range remote golf trolley that will cope with most terrains out there. Obviously itís not a Stewart golf trolley when it comes to visual appeal but if you are looking for a good quality trolley at a value for money price then this could be the one for you.

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