Golf Trolley Batteries

Remote Golf Trolley Batteries
Golf trolley batteries come in 3 main forms: Lead Acid, Gel and the newest type - Lithium Batteries (these are the lightest type available). When you purchase your new Remote Golf trolley itís worth remembering what usage you will need on a regular basis. Are you the going to play more than 18 holes a day on a regular basis and what sort of terrain is your local golf course designed around?

Choosing the right battery
The batteries out there range from 22A/H to 26A/H to 33A/H. Put simply, the bigger the number then the further your trolley can be driven on one fully charged battery. On most trolleys nowadays you tend to see either 26A/H or 33A/H as options and you will pay more for a 33A/H battery.

Whatís the difference?
The 22A/H tends to be more for the lighter trolleys whereas the 26A/H and 33A/H are for the heavier trolleys with the 26A/H allowing you a guaranteed 18 holes on one charge whereas the 33A/H allows you to cover 36 holes. The best thing to do is consider what type of golf you will be playing, if you are likely to be playing 27 holes in one day then choose the 33A/H to be on the safe side.

Battery Maintenance
One of the key things to remember with battery maintenance is that your battery is fully charged before you go out on the golf course and with average charge times of around 6-8 hours donít be tempted to only charge your battery to 80% of its full charge state as you are in a rush to go out. The more you do this then the quicker the battery will fail as you must fully charge it every time to achieve the longevity advertised. Typically a Lead Acid battery can last for 250/300 charging cycles whereas the Gel battery can be around 300/350 cycles. Lithium batteries are way ahead of this at up to 1,000 cycles so it may be worth looking at this either as, an option or as a replacement after your old battery begins to fail. The Lithium batteries are up to 4 times the cost of a Lead acid battery so do your sums on how often you will be playing, remembering that Lithium batteries are also a lot lighter than an Lead Acid Battery.
Battery Chargers
It would be prudent to change your charger when you change your golf battery Ė why? Well one of the common failures of golf batteries is due to an underperforming charging unit. If the charger is not working correctly then it will cause early term failure of the battery itself, so if you have an ageing charger (3 years old or more as a guide) then it may be time to replace this. The newer chargers come in as 3 step chargers which allow a low charge to be continuously applied after full charging is achieved. This enables a consistent high performance from the battery.