X5 Remote Golf Trolley

Stewart X5 Remote Golf trolley

The X5 Remote Golf Trolley is the latest in the line of X series designs from Stewart Golf who introduced the X1 version back in 2003. The way you look at this Golf Trolley can be compared to the way you look at that car you have always desired. The X5 really is the Ferrari of remote golf trolleys, the design and looks are second to none and the quality of engineering is excellent. This really is a Golf trolley that you aspire to buy and being the owner of this would certainly bring a smile to your face even on the wettest and windiest of days out on the fairway. 

The design is all about providing that much needed stability for the most difficult of terrains you would experience on any golf course. Uniquely, the battery is situated in the centre of the wheelbase resulting in a very low centre of gravity. This combined with the built in stabiliser delivers the stability that we all require. The wide rear wheelbase is 66cm and there are two front wheels again giving extra stability. The side view looks as good as any sports car you would set your heart on. Although, not appropriate on a Golf Course, the X5 looks as though it should have a rasping 3 litre turbo engine that roars as you drive up the fairway, it looks that good!

From up to 50 metres away the compact handset allows you to have full control over the direction and speed. Itís fully programmable so you could match the speed of the trolley to the speed you may walk at, at different stages of a round of golf. You are free to concentrate and enjoy your golf and thereís one thing for certain, you may get tired on a round of golf but you will never get tired of the look of the great design of this trolley. When you have completed your round the X5 is easily folded into a compact unit that looks just as good as when erected. Optional colours are Metallic silver, Metallic Black or British Racing Green.


Our View: We love this, the design is superb and Stewart Golf, have really hit on a winner here. Yes itís expensive and somewhat exclusive but if you are looking to invest in a quality golf trolley then this could be the one for you. You can comfortably expect to complete 18 holes on the longest toughest courses on one battery charge with 27 holes not out of the question.
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