X3R remote Golf Trolley

Stewart X3R Remote Golf trolley

The X3R Remote Golf Trolley has been around for a few years now but really deserves to be mentioned as an alternative to buying an X5 brand new. The design of this trolley oozes quality and is a real head turner on the course. It has all the features you would require from a remote trolley including an ergonomically designed controller which offers forward, reverse, left and right movements to help steer the trolley over the toughest of courses. The range for the controller is an impressive 50 metres with a safety auto stop once the trolley gets out of range. Just like the X5 the X3R is fun to use and easy to control. There are 4 speeds programmable so you can match the pace of the trolley to your preferred walking speed. These speeds can be adapted at anytime, so if the work youíve been putting in the work in the Gym and itís beginning to pay off then you can always challenge yourself that bit more. Then again if you just enjoy the general plod around the course then store that as one of your settings. 

Itís a great compact design for easy storage and transportation but the trolley really shows its true beauty when you lift the folding handle and as if by magic everything clicks into place and your ready to go. Donít be fooled by its looks this is a well designed robust trolley that will bring you many years of friendly and competitive golf alike. This has been voted trolley of the year a number of times in a number of golf magazines so you wonít get any better endorsements than that. 

Our View: The X3R is a quality trolley that sells very well in the used market. It doesnít quite have the sports car looks of the X5 but is still well ahead of the majority of trolleys out there
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