Bentley Remote Golf trolley
Bentley Remote Trolley
One of the less well known makes of Remote Golf trolleys is Bentley. You have to say that the design looks good. The 2010 model has an anodised aluminium frame to resist the effects of the elements.... More Info
Greenstar Pro Remote Golf Trolley
Greenstar Pro Remote Golf Trolley
The Greenstar Pro remote golf Trolley is another trolley that has become very popular in the UK. Overall the design is good but doesnít look as appealing as some of the other equipment out there, then again for a mid priced trolley you get great features that really impress.... More Info
Navigator remote Golf Trolley
Navigator MC501R Remote Golf Trolley
The Navigator Remote Golf trolley MC501R is manufactured in China by Yongkang High Degree Machinery and Electronic Co., Ltd. The light and sturdy structure of the trolley is made up from a unique blend of bonded composites and precision injection molding.... More Info
Power Pro Golf remote Golf trolley
Power Pro Golf remote Golf Trolley
PowerPro Golf is a division of Cooltrading and has been around since 2003. One of the first things that strike you about the 350 Turbo Remote Golf Trolley is that although it doesnít have the appeal of the Stewart designed trolleys, itís solidly built with a 2 year warranty for the trolley.... More Info
Pro Buggy TS02 Remote Golf Trolley
Pro Buggy TS02 Remote Golf Trolley
The TS02 Remote Golf Trolley from Pro Buggy delivers a simple well constructed aluminium frame which keeps the overall weight at around 25Kg (including the battery). More Info...
Protrolley Remote golf trolley
Protrolley GT300R Remote Golf Trolley
Protrolley are fast becoming one of the leading suppliers of remote golf trolleys to the UK market. They produce top quality remote golf trolleys at affordable prices. The GT300R is their newest edition to the range and builds on the success of the GT300 which proved to be a very successful .... More Info
Powakaddy Golf Trolley
Robokaddy Remote Golf Trolley
The Robokaddy trolley certainly pushes the Stewart designed trolleys close for performance and the look is pleasing on the eye as well. As soon as you remove the folded trolley.... More Info
Stewart X5 Remote Golf trolley
The X5 Remote Golf Trolley is the latest in the line of X series designs from Stewart Golf who introduced the X1 version back in 2003. The X5 really is the Ferrari of remote golf trolleys, the design and looks are second to none.... More Info
Stewart X3R Remote Golf trolley
Stewart X3R Remote Golf Trolley
The X3R Remote Golf Trolley has been around for a few years now but really deserves to be mentioned as an alternative to buying an X5 brand new. The design of this trolley oozes quality and is a real head turner on the course.... More Info
Vivo SLx Golf Trolley
Vivo SLx Remote Golf Trolley
Functionally the Vivo design has all the requirements of a remote trolley, forwards, reverse, left and right via the remote handset and with a range of up to 100metres, you can send this trolley on its merry way.... More Info