GT300R Remote Golf Trolley

Protrolley GT300R Remote Golf trolley
Protrolley are fast becoming one of the leading suppliers of remote golf trolleys to the UK market. They produce top quality remote golf trolleys at affordable prices.

The GT300R is their newest edition to the range and builds on the success of the GT300 which proved to be a very successful seller for this innovative company. First impressions are quality stylish looks complemented by the simple 2 stage folding action which transforms the trolley from a very compact easy to store unit into a well designed remote system with excellent performance. The trolley has twin motors driving the rear wheels independently. Power is supplied by either a 26 or 33A/H Battery depending on your requirement. If you are planning to play 36 holes on a regular basis (on one charge) then the 33A/H battery could be the one for you. For 27 holes or less the standard 26A/H battery would be suitable. If you were to run out of juice on the course then there is a free wheel function to use as a standard golf trolley.

The GT300R has the benefit of an anodized aluminium frame keeping the total weight quite low at 13Kg and enabling a maximum load capacity of 25KG including the battery. The small remote control can transmit instructions to the trolley from up to 50 metres away. For safety the trolley will stop 25 seconds after the last instruction has been transmitted. Full functions of left/right/forwards and backwards make this trolley very easy to control and excellent stability is developed by the inclusion of a removable anti-tip wheel situated at the back of the 2 driven rear wheels. This enables the GT300R to climb gradients of 20 degrees or more. As you would expect with any modern golf trolley you have a solid state electronics control system which should be very reliable. The remote hand set is matched to this control system which means the hand set can only control this trolley. One of the unique selling points of the GT300R is that if you lose the handset then a new one can be purchased and re-matched to the control circuit very simply.

The GT300R comes complete with: Battery with connection lead, charger, battery rain cover, transportation bag, toolkit and the all important instruction booklet.

Our View: The GT300R has great looks and is one of the simplest trolley’s around to assemble and store. There is a 2 year warranty on the trolley itself for peace of mind and overall would be a good investment in your golf game.

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