Navigator MC501R Remote Trolley

Navigator Golf Trolley
The Navigator Remote Golf trolley MC501R is manufactured in China by Yongkang High Degree Machinery and Electronic Co., Ltd. There production facility is an advanced manufacturing plant covering some square metres with an annual turnover of around $2,500,000.00. All of their processes are completely according to ISO9001 standard and therefore can supply the highest quality precision products. This, breeds confidence in any product built to these standards.

The overall design of the trolley looks excellent and is comparable with competitive products within it’s price range. The manufacturers are becoming well known for their innovative designs of Remote Golf Trolley’s and the MC501R doesn’t fail to impress. The light and sturdy structure of the trolley is made up from a unique blend of bonded composites and precision injection molding. The ergonomically designed remote control makes use of an advanced Bluetooth set up which allows you to control the trolley up to 50 metres away. Operationally you can move forward, back, left and right. The auto brake facility ensures the trolley stops safely once out of range of the controller. There is the capability to program the speed of the trolley to your exact walking speed (up to approx 6mph) which ensures an enjoyable round of golf. The trolley can climb gradients of to 15 degrees safely so this would be a consideration if most of your play is on hilly terrain.

Battery options are for 12V 28A/H for 18 holes play and 12v 33A/H for up to 36 holes so again match your choice of battery for how many holes of golf you play in any one day. The rear wheels are independently driven by 2 separate 180 watt motors. Weight is 14 kg without battery and 23kg with. The carrying capacity is a maximum of 25kg and will deal with some of the heaviest bags/clubs combination out there. Warranty is 12 months spare parts.

Our View: A great looking and well built trolley with the general features you would expect at a medium price range. It doesn’t have some of the features of higher priced products but still delivers a value for money package.
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