Greenstar Pro Remote Golf Trolley

Greenstar Pro Remote Golf Trolley
The Greenstar Pro remote golf Trolley is another trolley that has become very popular in the UK. Overall the design is good but maybe it doesn’t look as appealing as some of the other equipment out there, then again for a mid priced trolley you get great features that really impress. There’s plenty of power from the 2 x 200 watt motors which drive the 2 rear wheels independently. The power developed to drive the wheels means this trolley is excellent for the more difficult terrains on any Golf course.  A central stability wheel at the back which means you can have a climbing angle of around 20 degrees which is right up there with the best remote trolleys. The frame is lightweight and easily assembled in a few seconds - again this compares well with other trolleys on market. You have a remote control handset with a range of up to 100metres. Although 100 metres range is excellent, you would like to think that you would want to keep the trolley close by for your next shot! As you look round the market a lot of the mid price range trolleys are supplied with batteries that will complete 18 holes where the battery supplied as standard with the Greenstar Pro is an impressive a 33A/H Long Range Hybrid Gel acid battery which takes 6-8 hours to fully charge, delivering you up to 36 holes of golf where you can just concentrate on your game.

If you underestimate the amount of holes you are going to play on one charge and you run out of juice you can select the free wheel position so the trolley can be pulled for those final few holes. Load capacity is an impressive 25 Kg with the weight of the trolley with battery fitted is 25Kg as well. Fully detachable wheels make storage easy either in the boot of your car or at home.

Our View: The Greenstar Pro is a well built remote golf trolley with all the general functions you need. Overall this is good value for money for a High spec well designed unit.
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