Bentley Remote Golf Trolley

Bentley Remote Golf trolleyOne of the less well known makes of Remote Golf trolleys is Bentley. We donít believe they are part of the Bentley car organisation! You have to say that the design looks good. The 2010 model has an anodised aluminium frame to resist the effects of the elements in the UK. Itís not just a fair-weather trolley but well designed for winter play as well.
The remote control unit has a range of 100 metres according to the manufacturers. On a shortish par 3 you could let the trolley trundle all the way from tee to green without you moving Ė impressive! Checking out the frame, thereís a two part foldaway/construction which is simple and efficient as per many of the Golf Trolleys within this range. A single 360 watt motor to drive both rear wheels. The extra central stability wheel combined with a 57cm wheelbase delivers good stability on most terrains. The trolley is sold with a 12V 33A/H battery which is good enough for 18 holes of golf, if the terrain on your golf course is not that challenging then 27 holes or more are easily possible. The trolley comes complete with a wall charger for the battery which takes around 8-10 hours to be fully charged, remember to do this early the night before your game of golf, otherwise you could be using a carry bag the following day! Itís important to remember that like every battery used for these types of trolleys that you have to fully charge this before use.

Maximum speed of the trolley is 5mph so should keep up with the faster walking golfers. Overall weight including batteries comes in at 23Kg which is comparable with other competitive trolleys.
Our View: A well designed trolley meeting the requirements of most golfers. Be aware of the extra time for charging the battery which can be a drawback if you forget to do this early enough. The trolley comes complete with a 12 months parts and labour guarantee.
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